Priamo was founded in 1991 by a team of people with long experience in the food industry. They began their activity with the manufacture of dairy production systems, and rapidly demonstrated a reputation for creating turn-key plants with astute planning and strong customisation.

Now the company is able to look after the customer through every single step, from the planning of the dairy or the entire production line up to the technological support to arrive at the final product. This procedure provides for the construction of the machines, the supply of technology for utilities and the construction of piping.

In the end, the software system permits the automatic operation for the flowing of the fluids inside the production area, from the receiving to the storing of raw materials to the selling of by-products obtained, reduction of staff and human errors.

During these years Priamo company has developed the range of its products turning its attention towards other sectors with excellent results. At present, the production of Plants and machines encompasses the food industry, beer and beverages processing, as well as the chemical-pharmaceutical area.

The achievement of UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system in the year 2005 has been critical for Priamo, because it has consolidated the production process and now the company is also operating globally.

The company’s success is firmly based on:

  • The adoption of the most effective operating practices, such as ‘just in time’ manufacturing, project management, and total quality assurance;
  • Great interdisciplinary responsibilities left to specialised integrated teams in a unique, flexible, organisational structure which makes use of its ability for coordination and integration with third company.

Today Priamo Food Technologies is part of Della Toffola Group and thanks to this new partnership, we will be able to provide the experience, reliability and above all, the technical sport to the customers given by the several branches placed across the world, including Australia.