Trolley CIP Plant

Cleaning Innovation.

To satisfy customer’s demands in dairy cleaning Priamo company has realised a C.I.P. plant equipped with wheels which can be easily moved where an automatic plant/machine washing is requested.

The C.I.P. plant is pre-mounted on a stainless steel base-frame and it is composed of:

– n.1 Cylindrical tank vertical type made of stainless steel AISI 304, conic bottom. Hatch on the cover splash-resistant (safety switch).

– n.1 Inlet product filter to separate foreign bodies.

– n.1 Centrifugal motor pump for the delivery of C.I.P. solution

– n.1 Centrifugal motor pump for the recovery of C.I.P. solution

– n.1 Automatic concentrate dosage and control system of C.l.P. solution inside the lark.

– Set of electric resistances for the heating of the product.

– Safety sensors placed at the end of the hydraulic connections.

– Electric power and control panel equipped with PLC and IP 56 protection.

The automatic version of the plant provides for the automation of all operations (start-up of the cycle included). The operator can change at any moment the CIP solution concentration and the delivery pump flow rate by means of the PLC operating panel(Siemens). The automation system and the possibility to set the washing cycles make this plant absolutely flexible and effective without wasting time and saving the cleaning concentrate solutions.


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