Pneumatic Cheese Press

Technologic Accuracy

The pneumatic cheese press model allows balanced pressing of moulds of cheese, it is equipped with gutter for the collecting and the discharge of drained whey.

The pneumatic cheese press is equipped with:

– Support frame with box type basement with gutter discharge pipe and legs with adjustable height feet. Tubular frame connected to the basement by means of columns and tie rods that gives sturdiness and stiffness to support frame.

– Set of pressing columns each one consisting of double acting pneumatic cylinders with wear proof stainless steel rod, and consisting of pressing plates connected together by means of tie rods that permit the lifting of them.

The pressing plates have satin-smooth surface and rounded comers. The first pressing plate is fixed to the cylinder’s rod with an articulated joint.

During the up and down movement, each pressing plates is keep in the correct position by means of two lateral guides. Compensating springs made of stainless steel AISI 302 are put between each pressing plates. These springs allow perfect and balanced pressing of moulds in every pressing plates.

The pneumatic cylinders are fixed to the tubular upper frame and shielded by means of stainless steel case.

Pneumatic plant for compressed air allows the independent control of each pressing columns by means of cocks, one for each pressing columns.

This plant is equipped with a filter pressure regulator and lubricator for compressed air pressure gauge allows the regulation of pressing pressure according to the need of the customer.

All the parts of the pneumatic cheese press, except the pneumatic cylinders and the components of the pneumatic plant, are made of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 431 and AISI 302. The complete construction in easily cleanable for sanitised process.


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