Reverse Osmosis Plant

Clean innovation

Through considerable investments of research and innovation Priamo proposes a new typology of plants, solid and adaptable which represent a technical leading solution in the concentration of milk whey and other products. The concentration is obtained through a hyper-filtration process with the use of a semi permeable membrane, better known as Reverse Osmosis plant (RO). This process allows the low molecular weight (concentrate) such as glucose, etc. to be pushed away for a permeate finally made of water suitable to be drained or re-used. The separation process occurs under isothermal conditions, in an operating temperature range depending on the kind of whey treated, in terms of acidity and presence of fat. The plant made by Priamo ensures the best reliability and flexibility according a dear concept of modularity and represents the ideal solution to solve the environmental problems. Meanwhile increases the commercial value of the whey draining. Priamo is also able to give assistance to its clients by means of a specific pilot plant, with the help of qualified technicians, precise plant engineering testing and analysis to figure out the result achieved.