Pasteurisation Unit for Drinking Milk

Technologic Accuracy

Designed and made entirely by Priamo, the plants are distinguished by their wide-ranging varieties of use, the high quality standard of the materials and parts, continuous research, technical innovation of the instrument, functionality and simplicity of use.

All the heat treatment plants are made in stainless steel and fitted with automatic or manual control. The necessary parameters are displayed and printed through sensor system. other instruments are available on request to step cp any type of control during production. The reliable technology of priamo products is based on a complete customer service with great attention paid to single customer requirements, customised study of the design, precise installation and after-sales service.

A continuous quality cycle and therefore an absolute guarantee for the food & beverage and other industries, whose daily goal is to improve the quality and safety of their products in order to enjoy even more success on the market.

Flow rate from 500 to 35.000 lt/h.

Priamo quality – backed up by a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificated system.